Hard Work - Key To A Gold Mine

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Once upon a time there was a very hard-working farmer. He had developed a grapery that used to give a rich crop of grapes every year. He had three sons but none of them bothered to help their father in his work. They were very easy-going kind of people. So, the farmer was very worried about their future.

One day, the farmer fell ill as of old age. He called his son and said, "Dear sons! I doubt my end is near and before dying I want to tell you that, in my grapery, there lies a hidden treasure. Dig it out after my death." Saying this, the old farmer died.

Three sons dug every inch of field but found nothing.(Internet)

After performing the last rituals of their father, the sons began digging the vine-yard. They dug every inch of it but found nothing.

But the digging led to such a rich crop as had never been there before even when their father was alive.

So, the sons came to know what their father meant by hidden treasure.

(Source: Kidsfront)

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